3 Mistakes You Make Using Dry Shampoo



I personally used to hate dry shampoo because it would turn my roots white and my hair looked even worse!  My hair looked so bad that I would end up having to wash it just because the white would not come out. However today, LOW AND BEHOLD, dry shampoo is my best friend! The trick is to spray it on your part, then spray 1-2 sections next to your part and lastly spray throughout while feathering your hair. (Give your hair about an hour to absorb the product before brushing it out profusely and freaking out about the white residue. It will blend.) When the dry shampoo eventually absorbs the oil, your hair will look like a goddess–perfectly dry, voluminous and texturized. Because the spray is drying, it coats your hair with a thin layer of product, making your hair feel and look a lot thicker!



  1. SPRAYING TOO CLOSE–If your hair is oily like mine, the product needs to coat not only your scalp but half-way down your hair follicle. Spray about a rulers-length away for about 3 seconds each time.
  2. SPRAYING TOO MUCH–as mentioned above, you don’t want to spray for more than 3 seconds at a time. Allow it to absorb for a minute and check to see if it has turned white… If it still looks oily, then reapply sparingly. If you do spray too much, allow your hair 30 minutes to absorb before brushing it out.
  3. IMMEDIATELY RUBBING IT IN–You don’t want to do this. Let the product fully dry, yes, that means allowing it to turn white. Then wait a few minutes to a half-hour to allow the product to set in. By doing this, you are letting the product fully do its job and blend with your oils.





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