baidenIt’s no secret that keeping your skin exfoliated is essential for clear healthy skin.  There are a ton of exfoliating methods and products.  I’ve tried a TON.  Some of them good, some not so good, but over all nothing I’ve been overly impressed with… until now.  I don’t even remember how I ended up finding this thing, or how I haven’t heard about it until recently because its been around for ages.  These exfoliation cloths have been used for centuries in Turkish bath houses as a way to keep the skin soft and glowing.  I’m seriously in LOVE.  The dead skin literally rolls off, I’m in shocked (and ashamed) with how much comes off every time I use it.  My pores on my face are so much smaller, and the skin on my body is so much softer.  Unlike other exfoliators I’ve used, you have to go in an up and down, or side to side motion for this to work, not circular motions.  I’ve used them to exfoliate before getting a spray tan and my tan even lasted longer than it usually does.  The cloth I use is called the Original Baiden Mitten.  The mitten retails for $50, which I kind of thought was a bit expensive, but I’m telling you its beyond worth it, they last so long and using it actually helps the products you already have work more effectively.  I’ve seen cheaper versions on amazon, but I’m not totally sure of the difference in quality.

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