chanel chocker chanel pearl necklace chanel pearl choker chanel look for less pearl choker zara pearl choker zara choker pearl zara pearl chokerUntitled 39 04-totalbeauty-logo-neck-cuffs 19a27e2069cb39130744af1bf264cf89 487178-jewellery-trend-2014-chokers a9b88103777b6506366dc6e2fa3624b2 b5fbbfb0c337a3d29c4d278ad4481d60 Chokers-fashion-trend collar6 Dolce_choker1 fda3a670ec026ec674bd1e44491b2914 j548wy-i Kim+Kardashian+Choker+Necklace+Diamond+Choker+VmnIggcBLyvlChoker necklaces are back!  Chokers aren’t just for walking your dog or Marilyn Manson.  And the chunkier better (how often can you say that?!?!)  From super embellished to sleek and smooth, Im LOVING this trend!  Throw one on with a simple dress and you instantly looks edgy.  Shop our favorite chokers here:

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