7ded050ba91c06567cbb52634e6f0b95 79a09f4a456646881ba9a2b5c6abfba8 384cc8b442b336aac5336593b9258f49 731c43f2e737375f50d91bbd2f7ecb57 978a00ce14167db5f4f5ef2edcd13ac5 500937169FB00050_Valentino_ aa9076e92a8a3368b0bce9de5709f3dd ce81cb81c4fe8af30a3389dc43e72fce celine nicolas ghesquiere6f1443467f926649ea638f3a3591cf12Louis Vuitton and Celine were just two of the shows to showcase the models accessorized wearing a single bold statement earring in their ear.  We’ve seen this look in the past with the ear-crawler style earring going up the edge of the ear.  This year is all about taking the drop, chunky geographic styles, mixed metals and large gemstones are the look to have.  The look is edgy but it can definitely be worn off the runway.  Play with what you already have in your jewelry collection just wearing one of your larger earrings in one ear.

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