Krazy for Kombucha


Kombucha is one of my favorite go-to drinks whenever I’m feeling sluggish, sick or sore. It is a fermented and carbonated drink that consists of yeast, water, sugar, tea and vinegar. You can buy it at most grocery stores or make it at home, but I prefer to buy it in store because making it at home can be a bit of a hit-or-miss process. Read on below to see why you should incorporate it into your diet!


The reason why I drink Kombucha is because it detoxifies the body! It contains gluconic acid and probiotics which work to remove any toxins and cleanse the liver and kidneys.


Since this is a fermented drink, it works like a probiotic by promoting gut health and relieving stomach ulcers and constipation. It also contains beneficial enzymes from the vinegar, which can help to balance your stomach PH by neutralizing any acid.


After the fermentation process, Kombucha contains a small trace of iron, caffeine and sugar, which can help to energize the body by increasing oxygen circulation to cells and other tissues.

Immune System

An antioxidant known as D-saccharic acid-1, 4-lactone was discovered in Kombucha after the fermentation process. This antioxidant supports the immune system by protecting and strengthening cell walls.


Kombucha contains glucosamines which have been known to preserve collagen, relieve joint discomfort, and smooth wrinkles.


Note: There are many different brands and flavors of Kombucha, but one thing to be cautious of is the sugar content. The ones that I have found to be lower in sugar are GT ‘Ginger’ and Health-Aid ‘Pomogranate’.




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