Coffee Table Etiquette


Ahh the perfect coffee table. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this could not hold more truth for when it comes to designing your home. Coffee tables are a very personal thing and they are the first thing a guest will take notice to when seated in your living room so you want to make sure it a) represents your personality and b) is organized. Less is more. Follow these three guidelines to creating the perfect coffee table:

  1. The basic principle for a coffee table is the rule of threes. This means you should have at least three different items on your table. If your coffee table is larger, however, you can add more.
  2. The next thing are levels. Levels attract the eye and make a space visually interesting to look at. Play with how you stack books or place an object on top of them. A vintage magnifying glass, paper weight or candle looks great on top or next to stacked books.
  3. Once you’ve gotten your books down, the third item is an element of nature. This can be in the form of a small vase of flowers, a large orchid plant, a giant seashell, an arrangement of succulents, a candle, etc.

Coffee tables are a way to express, impress and spark conversation with guests. Have fun with it.


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