digital-frameYou guys know I shop for everything on Amazon, and Mother’s Day gifts are no exception.  I probably text or email at least 25 pics a week to the kids grandma’s (I know I’m a little excessive).  I’ve given digital picture frames as gifts before, but they usually end up being more of a frustration for grandparents because it can get tricky for them to figure out how to actually load the images on them.

This digital frame lets me to update the images whenever I want remotely from my phone.  So instead of me texting or emailing them these images, I can send it straight to their picture frames for them to enjoy in their own living room!








































































































































.  I found a digital picture frame allows me to update the images that get displayed on their frames from my phone for them.  So they get a constant stream of updated photos that they can actually look at,  and none of the hassle of figuring out the technology side of getting them on there.

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