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Mastering Airport Style


Because vacation starts the moment you step into the terminal.

  1. Shoes: Opt for a closed toe flat shoes. If you can’t do without wearing heels, wear heeled boots.
  2. Pants: Pants with a little stretch are essential. I prefer black stretchy skinny jeans, however, yoga pants or boyfriend jeans work just fine.
  3. Top: Keep it simple. Cotton is best. I like to pair a white tee with blue jeans or a black tee with black jeans.
  4. Cardigan: A thin long cardigan that covers your rear will keep you moderately warm throughout the terminal and is a great layering piece underneath your jacket.
  5. Outerwear: This is the most important piece! It shouldn’t be too bulky but you should be able to dress it up or down.  A leather jacket, black blazer or wool robe work best.
  6. Accessories: Glasses and oversized scarfs are a MUST and definitely pull the airport look together. My favorite glasses are ones with oversized lenses or colorful frames.


jetset bombette collage jpeg


I can’t think of anything worse than the experience of dealing with airports while you’re traveling.  I was in Houston recently and my flight was delayed for an hour….  So annoying!  Then, as if God wanted to cheer me up personally, I go to my gate and right across from it is a Benefit Cosmetics vending machine!  How cool is this!  I ended up getting my favorite mascara, They’re Real (and a Cinnabon… it was right next to the vending machine I couldn’t help myself).  So my extra hour delay in the airport wasn’t all so bad.  Now if we can just get these vending machines at gas stations, my life would be complete.

These are some of my favorite Benefit Cosmetics: