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American Woman: Fourth of July Edit

Libelle (Dutch) April 1957 Red White Blue Rock n Roll Dress

Time to get those patriotic party outfits ready! Here are the chicest Fourth of July looks you need now!





Cannes-Inspired Memorial Day Shopping List



As many of you may know, Cannes attracts quite the scene when it comes to fashion. As A-list celebrities and debutantes from all over the world flock to this tiny resort town on the French Riviera, they bring with them the glam-est of glam, chicest of chic summer outfits that have yet to hit the runways! So, we did some digging and polling to come up with the ultimate Cannes-inspired Memorial Day Shopping list of summer essentials you’ll need. Weather your partying in Ibiza, yachting in Mykonos or relaxing in Malibu–here’s what you’ll need for the ultimate summer wardrobe:



Fashion Alert: Tassels and Pom-Poms

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When one thinks of “tassels” they usually associate them with their grandmothers curtains, however, these dangling embellishments have a powerful and prestigious connotation because they were first associated with being worn by royalty, aristocrats, clergy and intellectual superiors of the western world. Pom-poms have a similar history and designers like Chanel, Balmain, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and more have added both of these eye-catching decorations to their fall fashion lines in previous years. But we are calling it now that the tassel and pom-pom are the ultimate accessory to add to your summer wardrobe! they are such a fun and flirty accessory we just have to have them for summer! Whether you’re at the beach or at an elegant dinner party, tassels are fun, flirty, elegant and make you feel statuesque. The best thing about them is that they look great on anything: dresses, jackets, sandals, handbags or jewelry. These are some of our favorites below:




Spring It On With These Amazing Bags Under $100

A woman can keep one secret… The price of her handbag.


New season, new bag. Right? To make sure you have your purse game up to par, we’ve found 10 amazing handbags under $100 and we kinda, sorta purchased all of them.

Lust List: Culottes




Culottes might seem like a new thing, but historically they were known to be “split skirts” or breeches worn by upper-class European men during the Renaissance. However, during the Middle Ages, women began wearing them so they could partake in what was once known as a sexual taboo– horseback riding. In this light, culottes are actually a very controversial clothing item that is totally #girlboss.


Shop our closet


Better than Lululemon Workout Gear







If your outfit’s not on point, your workout won’t be either. Buying new gym clothes is key for feeling and looking your best while working out. According to Medical Daily, “the clothing we wear influences our own behavior and the way we think and act, a concept known as ‘enclothed cognition’. We undergo mental changes when we wear certain clothes, especially when it comes to our motivation to work out.” Our favorite workout gear used to be Lululemon, however, VARLEY has way better prints and fun mesh designs that look sporty, sexy, and hug all the right places! We also LOVE the fact that they make matching tops and bottoms!












The Strap Happy

Strappy suits are ultra-sexy and draw attention to particular areas of the body. Flirt in the sun with these:


The Sporty High-Neck

These suits are extremely flattering for the more busty woman who likes to keep her girls in check. In addition, the extra support and coverage is great when partaking in water sports.


The Iconic High Waist

Slimming and glamorous, these suits are perfect for new mommies who want to hide the tummy and elongate the legs.


The One Piece Wonder

If you don’t know, now you know. People usually think one-pieces aren’t sexy, but we beg to differ. One pieces are unique and flirty because they cover more skin which thus leaves more for others to imagine what’s underneath them.



The fashion runways for Spring 2017 were filled with color, stripes, ruffles, intricate folds and a lot of asymmetry. It’s everything you’d expect a Spring line to have but with a bohemian 70’s twist. Shop similar finds for less below!














5 Transitional Spring Pieces You Need Right Now


The last few months of winter can be particularly challenging when choosing an outfit. It’s either too cold for that sexy LBD you’ve been dying to wear or too hot for those thigh high leather boots with the fur. Have no fear, we’ve chosen a few Bombette-approved pieces that will make getting dressed in the AM a breeze.


Long Sleeves… a must. These months are still fairly cold so long sleeves are great if you want to opt for a coatless look.


Lighter colored coats make any outfit pop and it is also an easy way to change up your drab-dark winter wardrobe. We love a good beige coat because it works well with any color.


Scarves are essential regardless of season, however, they are most helpful when you want to wear less but still stay warm. Wrap it around as a shall or double it around your neck, either way, it looks great.


Nothing is more “cozy causal chic” than white jeans in the winter! Our favorite way is to combine them with a cashmere sweater, oversized scarf and little black booties. Try our go-to pairs below!


Hats are chic, convenient when you’re having a bad hair day and help keep your head warm. Check out the ones we have in our closet!