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Up Your Jewelry Game

Stackable Rings (2)

This fall, layering is no longer just for clothes–jewelry too! We are loving stackable rings because they are a great way to accessorize without going overboard! They are soft, elegant and can be worn multiple ways. When buying stackable rings, think unique rather than complicated. Maybe the ring isn’t a perfect circle or the diamonds are extremely tiny, maybe the metal is engraved or has a different texture–whatever the detail may be–go for a ring with just enough detail to make it look interesting when stacked. Also, don’t be fooled by their small size, these rings can make just as much of a statement as large fashion rings do (which are totally out by the way).

Stack one on each finger for a dainty look or stack them all on one finger for a little more bling.

This is also an incredibly thoughtful gift for Friendsgiving or Christmas! I have about 6 stackable rings which were ALL given to me by my dearest friends and family! Tip: Make sure you know what color jewelry they like to wear (silver, rose or gold). Stackable rings look best when they are all the same color!




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In less than 2 months we will be celebrating with our families and friends from around the globe. We have a BIG LOVE and wanted to celebrate in a very big way. There are plenty of pre-parties being hosted before the wedding to help us celebrate. One of our brunches is hosted at one of the most famous (and most photographed!) pools in the world. For this party in particular the attire is “Poolside Glam.”  We’ve posted plenty of looks that are yacht, South of France and Amalfi Coast approved. So, what does one wear when the dress code is “Poolside Glam?”

Think effortless decadence. The kind of summertime glamour that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a Slim Aaron’s photograph.

Oversized sunglasses, outfits in bold colors, flowing scarfs, wide-brimmed floppy hats, and a perfect clutch or day bag complete the look. Make sure you don’t show up in an actual swimsuit. Always bring a swimsuit (you never know where a good party will end up!) just keep it tucked inside that fabulous handbag.

See you in the South of France,



Bigger is better! Dress up any outfit with a bold statement necklace.  It’s our last Sale Saturday of April so we’re taking these “April showers” out with a bang! 11 must-have necklaces on sale now!


7ded050ba91c06567cbb52634e6f0b95 79a09f4a456646881ba9a2b5c6abfba8 384cc8b442b336aac5336593b9258f49 731c43f2e737375f50d91bbd2f7ecb57 978a00ce14167db5f4f5ef2edcd13ac5 500937169FB00050_Valentino_ aa9076e92a8a3368b0bce9de5709f3dd ce81cb81c4fe8af30a3389dc43e72fce celine nicolas ghesquiere6f1443467f926649ea638f3a3591cf12Louis Vuitton and Celine were just two of the shows to showcase the models accessorized wearing a single bold statement earring in their ear.  We’ve seen this look in the past with the ear-crawler style earring going up the edge of the ear.  This year is all about taking the drop, chunky geographic styles, mixed metals and large gemstones are the look to have.  The look is edgy but it can definitely be worn off the runway.  Play with what you already have in your jewelry collection just wearing one of your larger earrings in one ear.

Shop the trend:


bombette bible excerptsI know we are total makeup/ product junkies over here, but I don’t think we’ve ever gotten so excited over make-up brushes before.  We’ve been a huge lover of Alexis Bittar jewelry for years and I pretty much had a panic attack when we found out there would be a collaboration with Sephora.  The collection includes a brush set with an onyx black stand, a gilded makeup compact, and a velvet brush roller that can also be used as a jewelry case! The brushes are made from both synthetic and natural hair, making them super soft to the touch.  The handles are embellished in Swarovski Crystals and plated in 24 karat gold. These brushes are SO Bombette!


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This weeks Sale Saturday bigger is better when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry NOT when it comes to the price.  I love pairing chunky and sparkly accessories with anything.  Wearing a statement necklace with something as casual as jeans and a tee is my favorite way to change up an entire look.


chloe_17_w__89773.1405401834.1280.1280 Dakota_4_sq__29555.1405401947.1280.1280 H20_5__07798.1405531982.1280.1280 josephine_3_w__67227.1405401797.1280.1280How AMAZING are these temporary tattoos! I honesty NEVER thought I’d say or type that sentence in my life, but I’m truly obsessed with these Flash Tattoos!  The jewelry inspired metallic tattoos are applied the same way you would apply an ordinary temporary tattoo (which hopefully you’ve only done for Halloween or you were putting it on someone under the age of 14.)   They come in all kinds of styles, necklaces, body chains, bracelets, anklets, and it won’t come off at the pool or beach, they last about 4-6 days.  I’m obsessed!!  Shop Flash Tattoos


It’s no news that I’m addicted to all things rose gold. Jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, clothes, if its rose gold I’m in love with it.  And it’s the most universally flattering metallic shade for any skin tone, and, so it can be worn with literally any color.


The whole point of wearing a wristwatch is to be a able to keep track of time, but they are also huge fashion statements.   I wear them as jewelry to accessorize my outfit and I’m so used to looking at my phone when I want to know the time that I don’t even bother setting the time on my wrist watches when I wear them.  I’ll be wearing a cool watch and someone will ask me for the time, and I dig around in my purse looking for my phone (terrible, I know).  I’m loving the bright colored watches, and the mixed media chain and leather combo.  And nothing beats an oversized gold boyfriend watch.