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Let’s introduce a new word to the Bombette Dictionary:




  1. Lips that have just the right amount of puffiness and pout but don’t look overdone



Think of your lips as “clouds”, they are beautiful, puffy, soft, subtle in the sky and don’t block out the sunshine. When our lips become too big, they become thunderclouds— large, heavy, dense, overbearing and block out the light that shines behind them. That light is our overall beauty and there is a fine line between clouds that float and compliment the sunshine versus clouds that pour and completely block it out. If we do too much to our our clouds they will start to “rain” (aka droop) and ruin our sunshine. The bigger the better might be true for our hair and diamonds but it’s not true for our lips. Keep it simple, keep it subtle, keep it like a cloud.




The Only Lip Treatment You Need to Save Your Winter Pout


With so many products out on the market, it can be daunting to find the best one that really does the job. This is why it is important to read the ingredients because often times products contain substances, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, that will dry out the skin instead of moisturizing it. So we’re going to share with you our little secret  that keeps our lips moisturized and juicy during the winter. That secret is Aquaphor. This product is the best lip treatment out on the market because it is 100% protecting, looks amazing on and is simple and versatile.

The picture above does not do this product justice, however this multi-purpose healing ointment leaves a beautifully glossy and non-sticky  feel on the lips. Also, it’s important to note that a little goes a LONG way with this product and it lasts an incredibly long time before reapplication is needed. Originally known to help protect the diaper area of a babies skin, this product will literally leave your lips feeling softer than a babies bottom, no pun intended.

Note to self for 2017: less is more. This applies to life, love and, of course, beauty products.







Aquaphor also works as a highlighter.  Apply a little bit to your eyelids, cheek bones and cupid’s bow for a fresh and dewy look.






5c296ae7ae14881500207e5c9399986f 85f5a2952975a363e4dd6f37ebeb393c 864808d5520d48a749b6df0273b66519 ab78dd786ec4979f0a69620176106374 af0ad29d6aab6dbe1f5a19686daeb5a5 b18f3ef5b925dfe25ff26c32bde0c6b8 bea817e966468f05e1ba4e16029cc4cd c1c9654f5032432aa7fd089888071582From true nudes to blushing nudes, a barely there flush of natural color is universally flattering on everyone.  Matte nudes are the season’s must have look for your pout, but we’re also loving the satin and luminous shades from Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.



Nothing is less sexy than dry, chapped lips.  Dry lips are are a sign of dehydration so drinking adequate amounts of water through the day is essential.  The skin on your lips is delicate and thin, and as the weather gets colder you need to give your pout some extra love to keep them hydrated and smooth.


1e260ce73b6fff2734ed87d5cf6905f6The skin on our lips is so delicate and thin. We know the importance of using spf on our face but don’t forget to protect your lips when you’re out in the sun! These 6 lip protectors are our favorite for keeping our lips looking so Bombette.




Ombre lips are the hottest lip trend happening right now. The look has been all over the runway this season. You can make it as intense or subtle as you want. It’s super easy and fun to try out new colors. I recommend keeping the rest of the makeup on your face natural to make this look wearable off the runway.

Before I do this look I exfoliate my lips with Sugar Lip Polish. It really makes such a difference in helping the colors stay put on your lips without looking chapped.  Using a lip liner to define the outside of your lips, pull the pencil in slightly more toward the center of your lip and then blending a darker shade over it. It looks a little funny now, but this is crucial in order to create the effect. Leave room in the center of your lips to use a lip brush I like Makup Forever’s lip brush.  Next you want to blend outwards with a lighter shade in the SAME color family to add even more dimension and fullness.  Keeping it in the same color family is what makes this look wearable for every day, otherwise you’re going to look like you’ve been making out with Rainbow Bright’s brother.

My favorite products to do ombre lips with: