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Coachella make-up should always be very minimal or at least leaning toward the more natural side. Amongst the beautiful flower-crowned, fringe vested, and flash tatted Coachella babes, there’s another little trend that you need to know about… SUN-KISSED FAUX FRECKLES. You might think drawn on freckles is a faux pas, however they are a very fun and subtle addition if you want change up your make-up AND they give the illusion that you have very little make up on because if you were to put make-up over freckles you wouldn’t be able to see them. And since freckles naturally form on the skin when exposed to the sun, Coachella is a perfect time to apply them without making it seem too obvious. They will mostly be concentrated on your upper cheeks and nose, as well as forehead and chin.


Since not all freckles are the same size and color, we recommend using a high quality eyebrow brush like Anastasia’s Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in a soft brown followed by a second application with Anastasia’s Dip Brow in dark brown to get the most natural lookBegin by dotting on your upper cheeks and then work your way toward the bridge of your nose but try to concentrate mostly on the sides of your nose. You’ll want to add a few more to your forehead and chin because people who naturally have freckles will have them on those areas as well. After the first round of application, use a beauty blender to lightly blend them into the skin and then add a few darker freckles using a small morphe brush with Anastasia’s Dip Brow in dark brown.

Happy Coachella!