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Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2015

Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2015


Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2015 r

Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2015


Ermanno Scervino Spring RTW 2015

Ermanno Scervino Spring RTW 2015


Rani Zakhem Couture SS 2015

Rani Zakhem Couture SS 2015


Roberto Cavalli Spring 2015 RTW

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2015 RTW


Saint Laurent Spring 2015 RTW r

Saint Laurent Spring 2015 RTW


Saint Laurent SS 2015 RTW

Saint Laurent Spring 2015 RTW


Everyone who knows us knows our deep love for animal print.  Saint Laurent, Elisabetta Franchi,  and Rani Zakhem Couture are just a few of the shows that had us clawing for their designs during their SS 2015 fashion shows.  These looks are EVERYTHING!



091014-eric-fashion-week-1-480 celebs polka Untitled-12-600x568 Untitled-23

A huge trend we’ve been seeing for Spring 2015 is polka dots.  Honestly, we’ve never been a huge fan, but these little (and big) spots are starting to grow on us.   We’re especially loving the polka dot shorts and cropped sweaters! What do you guys think… are these polka dots a do or a don’t?
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7ded050ba91c06567cbb52634e6f0b95 79a09f4a456646881ba9a2b5c6abfba8 384cc8b442b336aac5336593b9258f49 731c43f2e737375f50d91bbd2f7ecb57 978a00ce14167db5f4f5ef2edcd13ac5 500937169FB00050_Valentino_ aa9076e92a8a3368b0bce9de5709f3dd ce81cb81c4fe8af30a3389dc43e72fce celine nicolas ghesquiere6f1443467f926649ea638f3a3591cf12Louis Vuitton and Celine were just two of the shows to showcase the models accessorized wearing a single bold statement earring in their ear.  We’ve seen this look in the past with the ear-crawler style earring going up the edge of the ear.  This year is all about taking the drop, chunky geographic styles, mixed metals and large gemstones are the look to have.  The look is edgy but it can definitely be worn off the runway.  Play with what you already have in your jewelry collection just wearing one of your larger earrings in one ear.

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chloe prefall 2015 gucci JIL_0055 jill sander jill sander 2 MOU_0457Ralph_Lauren_002_1366.1366x2048 Ralph_Lauren_003_1366.1366x2048 Ralph_Lauren_008_1366.1366x2048 Ralph_Lauren_018_1366.1366x2048

What would Cher Horowitz be wearing if Clueless took place during the spring of 2015?  Her and Dion would be head-to-toe in outfits plucked straight off the runways of Gucci, Jill Sander, Ostwald Helgason, Roland Mouret, and of course the king of prep, Ralph Lauren.  You think preppy girls aren’t Bombette?…. “AS IF!”


anthony vaccarello spring 2015


balmain spring 2015


chloe spring 2015


isabel marant spring 2015


isabel marant spring2015


triya s:s 2015

TRIYA S/S 2015

stella mccartney spring 2015


j. mendel resort 2015


elie saab resort 2015

When we think of Spring we usually picture pastels, and bright pops of floral color, and the dark tones are saved for the fall and winter months.  That couldn’t be further from the truth on the runway shows for Spring 2015 collections.  From Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, and J. Mendel, black was loud and proud stomping down the runway this season.  It was all done in an edgy way that gave it that fresh appeal that Spring collections offer. Black is back (honestly, we don’t think its ever left) and it’s not going anywhere.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 Couture Paris Haute Couture coco rocha tumblr_l77dejGWbq1qc0kluo1_r2_500 tumblr_n1jd0aO17L1rtqqoro1_500ecd5de13439b8de8fdc78c2cda3d-438x660i.3.jean-paul-gaultier-coco-rocha-brooklyn-museum815181-coco-rocha-et-jean-paul-gaultier-637x0-3Jean Paul Gaultier will showcased his final Ready-To-Wear runway show this month to direct his focus solely on haute couture. We adore Coco Rocha and love this post she wrote sharing her memories and experiences with Mr. Gaultier:

Today is Jean Paul Gaultier’s final RTW show after 38 years.

Of all the shows in all the cities, I have loved my fittings with Jean Paul Gaultier the most. While most designers are pulling their hair out with mere days or hours to go before their show, Jean Paul is cool and calm and always there with a huge smile on his handsome boyish face. There is always time to catch up, to chat about your travels, your family and your life. Invariably Gaultier has cake at all his fittings and is quick to offer you a second slice. I remember one year Gaultier took me to the roof top of his atelier, just to show me the sun set over Paris. It was touching and sweet that he would take this kind of time with a new model, but that is typical of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Over the years Mr. Gaultier has given me some of my most memorable experiences on the runway. He loves to create a performance and, after meeting him at 17 I think he saw in me a willing and eager young model always up for a new challenge. One year he dressed me as a mermaid with my legs bound together into a fishtail and I hopped down the runway on crutches made of coral. Half the way down I was supposed to pull a zipper to release my legs, but the zipper didn’t work so I pushed my long nail into the fish tale and ripped it bottom to top. Most designers would go berserk over a model ripping a garment but Gaultier loved the theatrics of it. Another time he asked me to Irish dance down his runway to Scottish highland bag pipes. It was a little known skill I had at the time but Vogue later dubbed it the “Coco Moment” and from then on I was forever known as Coco, the Irish dancing model. I’ll also never forget when Jean Paul asked me to stage a cat fight with another model on the runway, she was secretly pregnant at the time so I went easy on her and most of the fight was her yanking me around by my hair. Apparently it was so convincingly executed that members of the front row got up to break us up. Last year Mr. Gaultier again called me in for a special runway performance. I had just cut my hair short and so he dressed me up as John Travolta in Grease and together with his choreographer Bianca Li, we worked on a dance number that left me with bruised knees for months. As always, it was always worth it.

Today is his final show, and we are going to make it a great one! Xx Coco



chanel chocker chanel pearl necklace chanel pearl choker chanel look for less pearl choker zara pearl choker zara choker pearl zara pearl chokerUntitled 39 04-totalbeauty-logo-neck-cuffs 19a27e2069cb39130744af1bf264cf89 487178-jewellery-trend-2014-chokers a9b88103777b6506366dc6e2fa3624b2 b5fbbfb0c337a3d29c4d278ad4481d60 Chokers-fashion-trend collar6 Dolce_choker1 fda3a670ec026ec674bd1e44491b2914 j548wy-i Kim+Kardashian+Choker+Necklace+Diamond+Choker+VmnIggcBLyvlChoker necklaces are back!  Chokers aren’t just for walking your dog or Marilyn Manson.  And the chunkier better (how often can you say that?!?!)  From super embellished to sleek and smooth, Im LOVING this trend!  Throw one on with a simple dress and you instantly looks edgy.  Shop our favorite chokers here:


quote jpeg


In 1984, Donna Karan launched her line of softer power suits. The wildly popular film “Working Girl” premiered in 1988, cementing the power suit’s iconic presence for women of the 1980′s. SO BOMBETTE!



Donna Karan RTW Fall 1985


Christy Turlington for Donna Karan, RTW Spring 1992.


Donna Karan RTW Spring 1996


Donna Karan RTW Spring 2008


Donna Karan Resort 2012

Donna Karan Fall 2014. OBSESSED with these boots!

If you’re wondering what 30 years of being “Bombette” looks like, Donna Karan‘s Fall 2014 RTW marked the 30th anniversary for Donna Karan‘s line.  In 1985 Donna Karan made it’s debut with the collection, “Seven Easy Pieces” … “where a handful of interchangeable items work together to create an entire wardrobe that goes from day to evening, week day to weekend, season to season”.  Not much has changed in those 30 years.  My favorite thing about Donna’s line is how simple and effortlessly sexy all of the pieces are.  She doesn’t get caught up in crazy trends, yet she still manages to be on the hot fashion hit-list consistently.  I was visiting my mom last month and found a DKNY navy blue sequin top that she’s had since 1995 and I stole it from her!  Almost 10 years later, that top sitting in her closet (now in my closet) is fashionable, sexy, and relevant.  So many designers have “moments”, moments where they took the reigns and set the trend for that season, or a new look that everyone loves and wants.  I would wear every single one of these pieces pictured above, today.  I think Donna Karan, for the past 30 years, has set the trend for “timeless”, and made it look effortless.

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blue eyes pdf

When I think of blue eyeshadow I usually picture images from the 80s.. and it’s just not a flattering look. Dick Page, creator of the blue-eyed look for Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tess Gibberson, totally changed my mind using about the color blue on my lids. The trick, keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum and let your eyes stand out. If you’re still a little nervous about the blue, the best way to start implementing this trend is going for just an eyeliner. Either around the whole eye, just the top, or just the bottom. All create very different looks but are more subtle that going with a full lid of blue.

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photos: GoRunway