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Fashion Alert: Tassels and Pom-Poms

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When one thinks of “tassels” they usually associate them with their grandmothers curtains, however, these dangling embellishments have a powerful and prestigious connotation because they were first associated with being worn by royalty, aristocrats, clergy and intellectual superiors of the western world. Pom-poms have a similar history and designers like Chanel, Balmain, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and more have added both of these eye-catching decorations to their fall fashion lines in previous years. But we are calling it now that the tassel and pom-pom are the ultimate accessory to add to your summer wardrobe! they are such a fun and flirty accessory we just have to have them for summer! Whether you’re at the beach or at an elegant dinner party, tassels are fun, flirty, elegant and make you feel statuesque. The best thing about them is that they look great on anything: dresses, jackets, sandals, handbags or jewelry. These are some of our favorites below:









Coachella make-up should always be very minimal or at least leaning toward the more natural side. Amongst the beautiful flower-crowned, fringe vested, and flash tatted Coachella babes, there’s another little trend that you need to know about… SUN-KISSED FAUX FRECKLES. You might think drawn on freckles is a faux pas, however they are a very fun and subtle addition if you want change up your make-up AND they give the illusion that you have very little make up on because if you were to put make-up over freckles you wouldn’t be able to see them. And since freckles naturally form on the skin when exposed to the sun, Coachella is a perfect time to apply them without making it seem too obvious. They will mostly be concentrated on your upper cheeks and nose, as well as forehead and chin.


Since not all freckles are the same size and color, we recommend using a high quality eyebrow brush like Anastasia’s Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in a soft brown followed by a second application with Anastasia’s Dip Brow in dark brown to get the most natural lookBegin by dotting on your upper cheeks and then work your way toward the bridge of your nose but try to concentrate mostly on the sides of your nose. You’ll want to add a few more to your forehead and chin because people who naturally have freckles will have them on those areas as well. After the first round of application, use a beauty blender to lightly blend them into the skin and then add a few darker freckles using a small morphe brush with Anastasia’s Dip Brow in dark brown.

Happy Coachella!




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We love infinity scarfs because they’re functional, effortless, and easy.  Keep it casual with a chunky knit scarf, or go glam with a luxurious fur.  Play around with bold colors and prints because you truly can’t go wrong, so just have fun with it!



Gold guided lids are the go-to look for winter nights out. Go for a super pigmented shadow and smoke it out for a dramatic, sexy look.  For less drama or wearing it during the day, a gold eyeliner lined along the bottom of the eye is perfect.


Santa didn’t get your address right?  That’s what today’s Sale Saturday is for.


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Soft and timeless, suede pants are a winter fashion staple.  The bell bottom cut looks sexy and retro.  We recommend the flare starting just at the knee and the hem touching the floor if you’re wearing heels.  This gives the illusion of longer legs.  Or you can go for the slim fit which is flattering on everyone.


liner adele

Adele’s new album, 25 is the inspiration for today’s post.  We’ve been listening to it all week and  we’re loving it.  Her signature look is her dramatic winged-out, cat eyeliner.  You don’t need a celebrity budget to get same look.  We picked out 10 amazing eyeliners for under $10.

SUGGESTION: If you’re planning on listening to the album while wearing it, we highly recommend going with a waterproof formula.


Fun Fashion Fact:  Zippers have been around since 1851 and we’re invented to fasten and bind edges of fabric and flexible material together.

It’s really cool to think about how much they are used over 150 years later.  This season we’re seeing a huge trend in zippers as detailed feature hardware on clothes.  We’re especially loving chunky zippers on sweaters and shoes.