watts up

I’m a HUGE fan of most of the Benefit line.  Especially their highlighters and luminizer. I recently bought their Watt’s Up! soft focus highlighter and I have to say, I’m NOT in love.  I think its fine if you want to use it totally alone, with no other makeup on your face, but something about the consistency doesn’t work well with any face makeup that I pair with it.  I spent $30 on it so its a bit of a bummer.  I wore a sleeveless shirt last night and experimented with putting it on my arms and shoulders, making sure to rub it in, and I actually really liked it! So its not a total loss.  If you’re looking for a face highlighter from the Benefit line, don’t grab this one.  Instead check out their High Beam or Sun Beam highlighter.  Its less expensive and works beautifully.

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