3d2b9dc9ac16d8e2d124090f40fac350 11fb92f5fddd3e0ec1ee88952a334d1a 48c632302ba611813ad6abefe61a4706 a51ffa72da140417a544a3eb34be8ce7 efd03407f05d468b2e491df05e8586f5Plum lips are synonymous with Fall.  The trick with pulling of this dramatic lip is to keep the eyes to a minimum.  Your lids should be bare other than some lashes and a bit of liner.  Line your lips with a matching liner to really help the color stay.  We like to do that sexy little trick where you put your finger in your mouth, close your lips and pull it out, to prevent the lipstick from getting on your pearly whites (so embarrassing).

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