Dr.-Dennis-Gross-Skincare-Steamer-Solutions-Facial-DeviceMy skin always gets a little crazy when the weather starts changing.  Right now it’s dry and I have a bunch of clogged pores in my T-zone.  One thing that is consistent no matter where I go for a treatment is the use of steam on my face.  It opens my pores and allows the products to really be absorbed and do their job.  So that’s how I discovered this little gem from Dr. Dennis Gross.  This at home face steamer costs $125 at Sephora. I’ve used it twice this week already and its practically paid for itself. (The average price of a facial is well above $100 in most places.)  I love being able to do this in my own home instead of finding the time to make it to the spa.  The amount of steam this produces is amazing t’s professional quality and so easy to use, so much easier and more effective than the DIY way of holding your face over a boiling pot of water. Click here to get the steamer for yourself!

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