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In less than 2 months we will be celebrating with our families and friends from around the globe. We have a BIG LOVE and wanted to celebrate in a very big way. There are plenty of pre-parties being hosted before the wedding to help us celebrate. One of our brunches is hosted at one of the most famous (and most photographed!) pools in the world. For this party in particular the attire is “Poolside Glam.”  We’ve posted plenty of looks that are yacht, South of France and Amalfi Coast approved. So, what does one wear when the dress code is “Poolside Glam?”

Think effortless decadence. The kind of summertime glamour that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a Slim Aaron’s photograph.

Oversized sunglasses, outfits in bold colors, flowing scarfs, wide-brimmed floppy hats, and a perfect clutch or day bag complete the look. Make sure you don’t show up in an actual swimsuit. Always bring a swimsuit (you never know where a good party will end up!) just keep it tucked inside that fabulous handbag.

See you in the South of France,


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