LBD’s under $50

girls in dresses

You can never have enough Little Black Dresses (well…maybe you can.. lol).  If someone looked in my closet and saw all the LBDs I have they MIGHT think its a little excessive, but here is why they will ALWAYS be my go-to, and why I can’t have enough.  For last minute dinners, or for the nights you can’t decide what to wear, the LBD is perfect.  Depending on the cut I can look classy, sexy, or chic.  I can pair it with ANY color shoe, and the combinations of ways I can accessorize it are endless.  Last but not least, I will always choose to wear a LBD when I feel bloated or like Im not in the best shape.

These are some of my favorite LBD’s and the best part is THEY ARE UNDER $50!

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