Why Are So Many Celebrities Having a Home Birth?


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The following celebrities have had a home birth:

Cindy Crawford,   Demi Moore,   Gisele Bundchen,   Hope Dworaczyk,   Miranda Kerr,   Jessica Alba,   Pamela Anderson,   Meryl Streep,   Joely Fischer,   Julianne Moore,   Jennifer Connelly,   Mayim Bialik,   Alyson Hannigan,   Alanis Morissette,   Kelly Preston,   Ricki Lake,   Lisa Bonet

Having a natural home birth is becoming a popular birthing method among women who have done their research and want the healthiest and happiest of babies! As highly successful actresses and models, these women know what they are doing when it comes to taking care of their bodies. Benefits include:

  • Greater freedom
  • Greater control
  • Faster labor
  • Faster recovery
  • Fewer Interventions
  • Empowerment

Greater Freedom


In a hospital you are forced to lie down for the doctors convenience, but with a natural birth you are free to walk around, squat, change positions, etc. It’s about what makes you feel most comfortable! In addition, being in an upright position works in your favor because gravity is helping you bring the baby down!

Greater Control


One of the biggest reasons to have a natural birth is because you can be in control and participate in your own labor. In a hospital birth, you can’t do this because you are under heavy pain medications and the doctor makes the final decisions.

Faster Labor


In a natural birth, you feel the pain but you also feel where and when it is time to push. In a hospital birth, when you numb the pain you numb your awareness, causing the pushing to be harder and the labor to be longer.

Faster Recovery

Pregnant woman doing yoga exercise --- Image by © A. Green/zefa/Corbis

In a natural birth, you are able to walk around shortly after giving birth. But in a hospital birth, it can take a fews days to recover if you took pain medications and a few weeks to recover if you had a c-section.

Fewer Interventions


In a hospital birth, the medications you ingest are also ingested by your baby. Depending on how much medication you are given, your baby could need to be hospitalized to get the drugs out of his or her system. In addition, studies have shown that babies who are not exposed to pain medication during labor are more alert and breastfeed better.



There is nothing more profound than being able to witness your own birth and be 100% in the moment when you see your child for the first time. Experiencing real labor and knowing what your mind and your body are capable of doing is an incredible and irreplaceable thing.



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