How Beauty Products Are Deceiving You


While drugstore lipliners and mascaras may be okay, when putting something on your biggest organ, just anything will no longer do. Especially while pregnant you must be extra careful what you use on your largest organ, your skin! What you put on your skin is always absorbed by your bloodstream (pregnant or not) and can be passed to your baby though the placenta.

The problem with most skin care products is that their labels are deceiving and down right manipulative. Take, for example, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Gel Oil. I hear so many women talk about Palmers for stretch marks. You would think that this product contains cocoa butter since it’s in the name, right? Wrong! There are only three active ingredients, none of which are cocoa butter!

  1. Avobenzone–can be found in urine and breastmilk, therefore making it unsafe for pregnant women or children to use.
  2. Octinoxate–is absorbed rapidly into the body, known to cause cancer, increases estrogen and damages the thyroid.
  3. Oxybenzone–is known to cause cancer, reduce sperm count in men and potentially contribute to endomitriosis in women.

Keep in mind that this is just one cream out of many others that are equally misleading and contain harmful chemicals. That being said, it is extremely important that we look at the ingredients in our creams. Especially if you have important skin issues like eczema or stretch marks! Creams containing artificial chemicals might temporarily promise hydration but will further exacerbate the issue. And if you have stretch marks you will want to apply the healthiest product possible to nourish and heal those vulnerable areas.


Natural products such as olive oil and coconut oil are gaining more and more attention because they are pure, safe and healthy to use on the body! It also doesn’t hurt that they can most likely be found in your kitchen cabinet! Healthy, affordable and multi-useable, coconut oil and olive oil definitely win in my eyes!



Sometimes it isn’t the fancier option that’s better.




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