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Don’t get caught sending flowers appropriate for your grandmother instead of your lover. A sophisticated man or woman needs a sophisticated florist. If you don’t have one, finding one in every city you frequent is top priority. Whether the recipient is a first date, the woman you love or your own mother she will swoon that you put far more thought into your selection flowers than accepting the first mediocre arrangement your florist offers.  Baby’s breath should never EVER be a part of your arrangement.  I’m not even sure why these are made.  Carnations should be saved for high school table decorations in the cafeteria.   When you give flowers to a Bombette, stay away from the “filler” or the “greens”.  A lot of ferns and other filler are sloppy and distract from the whole point of having a beautiful arrangement of flowers to display.  Any pics we showed above are ideal for any Bombette.  And something she’d proudly display front and center in her home.

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