IMG_1730I currently have 3 (4 if you count his car seat system) strollers for my son Hendrix. While it sounds excessive I keep them in different cities. My absolute favorite is the Mima Xari. I keep this white gorgeous pram in New York and it is a head turner! More men comment about the modern design than women. It has built in modern storage so I’m not carrying a diaper bag or purse while using it. It’s a very tidy stroller. No exposed diaper bags or storage.


Mima Xari stroller

I also like the Stokke Xplory. I keep this one in my Austin home. Both the Stokke Xplory and the Mima Xari are too big in my opinion to travel with or keep in the car. I usually don’t bother folding them when I get home from our walks since neither stroller folds small. Both the Mima Xari and the Stokke Xplory seats are height adjustable and bring baby closer to you than most other strollers.



On my recent trip to London I discovered the Bugaboo Bee Van Gogh Edition Stroller. I prefer to be closer to my baby and I don’t like that the seat of the Bugaboo sits so low. I would say this is my biggest complaint. If you are shorter this may not bother you. I did think it was a great lightweight option for travel. The fabric on the limited edition Van Gogh is gorgeous and it folds neatly into an optional stroller travel bag also made by Bugaboo. I think I’ll use it for longer trips and walks of length discovering new cities or shopping while traveling. I plan to use the Bugaboo this summer in the South of France and Italy. I think it’s gorgeous and small enough to get in and out of small European paths and doors.

Bugaboo Bee Van Gogh Edition Stroller

Bugaboo Bee Van Gogh Edition Stroller

All three of the strollers (Mima Xari, Stokke Xolory and the Bugaboo Bee) can face both directions (facing out and facing you pushing) with easy seat adjustments. My favorite is still the Mima Xari but these three prams are the best prams for our lifestyle at the moment. I did see the Aston Martin limited edition stroller in Harrods today but at almost $5000 U.S. Dollars I feel it’s priced more for the Aston Martin name than the functionality of it. (If you have this pram let me know as I’m anxious to test drive it and know the difference.) it’s currently on my list of strollers to try.

Aston Martin limited edition stroller

Aston Martin limited edition stroller

For quick travel trips and everyday use in and out of cars in every city I use the Doona car seat/stroller which I discovered in London while I was still pregnant. The wheels fold into the base of the car seat so you have an all in one system. There is nothing to store in the trunk and it has a detachable stroller bag so you can avoid carrying a diaper bag. On a day to day basis I prefer to use the Doona. It was only recently introduced in the United States and comes in charcoal, red, blue and black. (Of course I have the black). This is my MUST HAVE BABY ITEM of all the purchases I’ve made and the gift I choose to give all my expecting friends.


Doona car seat/stroller

Huggle the baby store I shopped while here in London showed me a stroller called the Yoyo that folds up smaller than the size of a carry on with a strap to carry it over your shoulder. It opens and folds easily and accommodates a child up to 4 years. I think traveling often or commercial or if you live in the city and have less space for a full size stroller this is a great option since the seat and bassinet space is almost the size of the seat and bassinet of the Stokke Xplory.



What strollers do you love most and what features make it functional to you? While I look at design I also love functionality. Please share with me any new baby/toddler items you discover!

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