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We all want our man to go crazy for us, right?

Well then, two words…

Sebastian Light

This shampoo is amazing and we can’t quite pin down the scent but it is TO DIE FOR. Seriously ladies, if there is one shampoo scent that will turn your guy on – it’s this one! You will smell it when you’re trying to eat your oatmeal. You will smell it when you lean down to tie your shoes. You will smell it on your pillow. This stuff is amazing and we wish it was stronger because we literally can’t get enough.


John Frieda Frizz Ease

This stuff is great, and it’s a plus that this product also control frizz. It’s thick and at times can weigh down the hair, so we like to use this in the winter when our hair is extra dry. The scent is similar to Sebastian Light and because it is a little thicker, the scent seems to last longer.


Philosophy Amazing Grace

Okay, so I have to admit that I’ve seen this product so many times and I’m not sure if it was the packaging or what, but I never wanted to give this a chance until recently. This product is  lovely and has a very clean and floral scent, perfect for the classy girls who want a delicate and feminine fragrance in their locks!


Victoria Secret SO SEXY

Okay, so I’m pretty sure you can’t get this at your local drugstore, however I wanted to add it to the list. I found this product in my girlfriends bathroom and almost giggled at the name, however, this product IS so sexy! I kid you not, this smells amazing and lasts ALL DAY. Literally, all day AND the next day. It’s bold and saturated, musky and floral. If you want to draw any lover in, then this is definitely a good one to use.



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Ladies, your hands are one of those things that people take notice to. It’s also a very sensual part of our bodies, equivalent to the clavicle. So it’s important to take care of them! For a hand model, her hands are her lifeline – and she is constantly exfoliating, moisturizing and manicuring them. The best part about this is that is doesn’t take much time or money to make and maintain your hands! The same way you care for your face should be the same way you care for your hands – it’s all about getting into that routine.

Follow these 3 SIMPLE HAND CARE RULES for beautiful, elegant and soft hands

  1. Moisturize your hands every time you wash them. Even if you have a moisturizing soap, it still dries the hands out. Especially if you are using warm to hot water, that dries them out as well!
  2. When you exfoliate your face, use the product to also exfoliate your hands because the skin on your hands needs to be sloughed off as well.
  3. Lastly, use a cuticle moisturizer and NEVER cut your cuticles! I repeat, never cut your cuticles! Why? Because the cuticle is your nails natural protective seal and blocks bacteria and ensures proper nail growth. Instead, keep it simple and just moisturize them with a cuticle oil like the one shown below and GENTLY push them back.


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This year Sephora started doing this monthly-based subscription service that delivers 5-6 of the latest make-up products right to your own home! We think it’s a fantastic way to try new products especially since there are hundreds to choose from!

Check out what was in our bag

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TART GUARD SPF MOISTURIZER- It’s pretty creamy and is a medium coverage foundation! This product is also perfect for summer because it has an SPF so we’re definitely loving it!

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BRIOGIO – Curl Charisma – YOU KNOW WE LOVE OUR HAIR PRODUCTS, and this one smells amazing!

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Alien Perfume by Thierry Mugler- We’ve actually known about this perfume for a while and used to wear it a few years ago! It smells very robust! It’s definitely a great summer scent because it blends in well with your natural oils and lasts all day!

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K-DUB EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK BY KAT VON D: Kat Von D’s products are amazing. We love her concealer for dark spots and it our go-to for something highly moisturizing! This liquid lipstick is purple-pink and perfect for summer! It actually matches a pair of heels we have in our closet. Perfect summer shade and it will go nicely with a pretty white dress!

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BUMBLE AND BUMBLE BB DONT BLOW IT: This smells good but it’s not our favorite.

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MURAD INVISIBLE PERFECTING SERUM: Murad products are great! And we really need more primers made specifically by dermatology companies rather than beauty ones! This has an SPF as well and anything that protects our skin is definitely a ‘YES’ in our books!


REVIEW: Overall, we think this is a great concept! Getting a cute package in the mail that is wrapped is so fun! And even if the products inside are a hit or miss (either because you already have them or you have tried them in the past and didn’t like them), the surprise of not knowing what’s inside is the best part! Think of it as a little gift to yourself each month! Also, going to Sephora can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. One of the good things about Sephora play is that it narrows the options down for you which is totally half the battle when it comes to make-up shopping! By only having one product for your face or one product for your eyes to try on, this allows you to really assess if it’s a good product or not! We say ‘yay’ to Sephora Play!






Getty/Design by Candace Napier

A HydraFacial is basically a super intense facial that involves the following four things:

  1. Exfoliation
  2. Chemical Peel
  3. Extractions
  4. Special Hydration Serum 

I know you may think this is the same routine you receive when you go to your esthetician, but I can assure you that this is not your average facial. The technology and serums used in HydraFacials have actually been patented to ensure your skin is clear of the following three things:

  1. Hyper-pigmentation
  2. Breakouts
  3. Wrinkles

I have never seen such immediate results in my skin before! My face was softer, free from blemishes and was literally glowing all month long! After I received compliments that I looked younger, that was the point of no return and I have made an effort to get one HydraFacial a month to ensure my skin stays beautiful and, most importantly, healthy!

In addition, please follow these three beauty tips before your facial:

  1. Do NOT plan something important within 24 hours after your facial. Your skin may be red that day or the day after and you do NOT want to put any make-up on or it will clog your pores.
  2. Reduce sugar intake and increase water intake the week before and the week after your facial. This will maximize your skins receptivity to the treatment.
  3. If you need to do any hair removal processes this must be done at least one week prior. If you do it too closely to the facial, your skin could peel and become unsightly.





Tara Fingold | Style at Home845361051930f92f89248948f0c74605193eb484d95627b50d80e242ed0ff3db3881c54d312c195c4668f374468a02c5b6b6063527c1446b4cf181fe44d8343e

Every Bombette needs a beauty spot. Whether it’s a little nook in your closet, a place in the bathroom, or at your desk, there’s nothing like a special place where you can comfortably sit and devote a few minutes to yourself. Read below for the EXACT things you need to create the perfect vanity.

  1. A gorgeous mirror– The best part about not buying a vanity with a built in mirror is that you can choose the mirror you want and make it look rustic, modern, glamorous or minimal. We’re loving these mirrors below! [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642280″]
  2. Natural Light– Natural light is crucial for ensuring your makeup is on point. Whenever possible, try to place your vanity near a window or at least in a bright room. This will help you with contouring and creating evenly winged eyes. If that is not an option, go for a lamp with a yellow-ish shade because it will offer the brightest light.  [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642651″]
  3. Perfume tray– There is something so elegant and feminine about a perfume tray! This decorative element neatly organizes all your perfumes in one place and gives the illusion of more space on your vanity. [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642851″]
  4. The right seating– We would all love a giant glamorous chair, however, it is best to use a stool because it forces you to sit up, engage your core and focus on the task at hand. We are totally obsessed with these chic and affordable stools from Target!   [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642690″]
  5. Ambiance– Nothing sets the mood better than beautiful candles and a little vase of flowers. Vanities should be your happy place where you can center yourself and feel confident so place 2-3 things on your vanity that bring you pleasure. Whether it’s your favorite candle, a small vase of flowers or a photo with your best friends. These are a few things we have on our vanity: [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642616″]




This mascara is without a doubt the holy trifecta of mascaras! It lengthens, it tints and it volumizes each lash in such a beautiful way without excessive applications. I cannot even look at another mascara after using this one. As a model who has gotten her make-up done by world-class make-up artists around the globe, I can honestly say that L’Oreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes is the best one! Make sure you get the “Blackest Black Noir Profond” (not water-proof). And for LESS THAN $10, this mascara doesn’t even come close to the Chanel mascara I’ve used for years!




The Undone Look

54169c3e374fcc2edde6df83dcca4686We’re loving this look from The Beauty Department! It’s SO effortless but pretty and chic at the same time! All you have to do is tie a SMALL CLEAR ELASTIC  mid-way towards the end of your hair and wrap your hair into a bun as you normally would and let the tail drop.

TIP: make sure to texturize your hair with either dry shampoo or a thickening spray to give the bun volume and hold the hair strands together. Lastly, when finished, use hairspray to keep the look in place.


c7490f4275922ecccdfab676c50c601b188ef3f2cbd552194dcd73c4f8a96a98kid-richards: “ Maria ”

March Must: Red Lips






Everyone can pull off a red lip, you just have to find the right shade. Fair skin looks best with a blue-red hue, olive skin with a orange-red hue and dark skin with a burgundy hue.



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Hopes Bikini Body Magic Elixir


Summer is right around the corner and we are going on our health kick again! As many of you know, apple cider vinegar has many detox benefits and Hope Dworaczyk swears by this liquid when she wants to get her body in tip-top shape. The logic is simple. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, probiotics and enzymes. These compounds form a powerful elixir that kills bad bacteria and promotes good bacteria in the body; leading to an optimal digestive system (hence a trimer waist line), stronger immune system, more energy and BETTER SKIN!



  1. Add 2 tbs to warm water and honey first thing upon waking and it will relieve bad breath and constipation.
  2. Take 2 tbs 20 minutes before a meal and it will curb your appetite, aiding in weight loss.
  3. Take 2 tbs after a meal and it will help with digestion.
  4. Take 1 tbs throughout the day if you’re tired or have a soar throat, it will boot your energy and any kill bacteria you may have.

TIP:   The best apple cider vinegar to buy is by Bragg. It’s been around the longest, is 100% organic, raw and unfiltered. If you can’t find that brand, then it is important to make sure that the apple cider vinegar is raw and unfiltered, containing “the mother”, which is beneficial bacteria that your body needs to work optimally.