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This year Sephora started doing this monthly-based subscription service that delivers 5-6 of the latest make-up products right to your own home! We think it’s a fantastic way to try new products especially since there are hundreds to choose from!

Check out what was in our bag

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TART GUARD SPF MOISTURIZER- It’s pretty creamy and is a medium coverage foundation! This product is also perfect for summer because it has an SPF so we’re definitely loving it!

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BRIOGIO – Curl Charisma – YOU KNOW WE LOVE OUR HAIR PRODUCTS, and this one smells amazing!

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Alien Perfume by Thierry Mugler- We’ve actually known about this perfume for a while and used to wear it a few years ago! It smells very robust! It’s definitely a great summer scent because it blends in well with your natural oils and lasts all day!

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K-DUB EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK BY KAT VON D: Kat Von D’s products are amazing. We love her concealer for dark spots and it our go-to for something highly moisturizing! This liquid lipstick is purple-pink and perfect for summer! It actually matches a pair of heels we have in our closet. Perfect summer shade and it will go nicely with a pretty white dress!

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BUMBLE AND BUMBLE BB DONT BLOW IT: This smells good but it’s not our favorite.

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MURAD INVISIBLE PERFECTING SERUM: Murad products are great! And we really need more primers made specifically by dermatology companies rather than beauty ones! This has an SPF as well and anything that protects our skin is definitely a ‘YES’ in our books!


REVIEW: Overall, we think this is a great concept! Getting a cute package in the mail that is wrapped is so fun! And even if the products inside are a hit or miss (either because you already have them or you have tried them in the past and didn’t like them), the surprise of not knowing what’s inside is the best part! Think of it as a little gift to yourself each month! Also, going to Sephora can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. One of the good things about Sephora play is that it narrows the options down for you which is totally half the battle when it comes to make-up shopping! By only having one product for your face or one product for your eyes to try on, this allows you to really assess if it’s a good product or not! We say ‘yay’ to Sephora Play!





watts up

I’m a HUGE fan of most of the Benefit line.  Especially their highlighters and luminizer. I recently bought their Watt’s Up! soft focus highlighter and I have to say, I’m NOT in love.  I think its fine if you want to use it totally alone, with no other makeup on your face, but something about the consistency doesn’t work well with any face makeup that I pair with it.  I spent $30 on it so its a bit of a bummer.  I wore a sleeveless shirt last night and experimented with putting it on my arms and shoulders, making sure to rub it in, and I actually really liked it! So its not a total loss.  If you’re looking for a face highlighter from the Benefit line, don’t grab this one.  Instead check out their High Beam or Sun Beam highlighter.  Its less expensive and works beautifully.