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Ladies, your hands are one of those things that people take notice to. It’s also a very sensual part of our bodies, equivalent to the clavicle. So it’s important to take care of them! For a hand model, her hands are her lifeline – and she is constantly exfoliating, moisturizing and manicuring them. The best part about this is that is doesn’t take much time or money to make and maintain your hands! The same way you care for your face should be the same way you care for your hands – it’s all about getting into that routine.

Follow these 3 SIMPLE HAND CARE RULES for beautiful, elegant and soft hands

  1. Moisturize your hands every time you wash them. Even if you have a moisturizing soap, it still dries the hands out. Especially if you are using warm to hot water, that dries them out as well!
  2. When you exfoliate your face, use the product to also exfoliate your hands because the skin on your hands needs to be sloughed off as well.
  3. Lastly, use a cuticle moisturizer and NEVER cut your cuticles! I repeat, never cut your cuticles! Why? Because the cuticle is your nails natural protective seal and blocks bacteria and ensures proper nail growth. Instead, keep it simple and just moisturize them with a cuticle oil like the one shown below and GENTLY push them back.


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lust steals

Im currently obsessed with these 4 things and they have become a staple in my daily routine. If you haven’t heard by now, coconut oil is an amazing all natural product that can be used for a million things in your beauty routine.  I use it every night to remove my makeup.  It even removes my waterproof liquid liner and mascara without harsh scrubbing. I discovered the Burt’s Bees Almond Milk hand cream on a recent trip to New York. My hands were so dry from the cold I needed something I could throw in my bag and keep with me throughout the day.  It cost me $7 at the drug store and Im now IN LOVE with it and keep it in my bag everywhere I go.  Next is my little candle in a tin.  I love the travel candles Henri Bendell makes.  I like to take one with me to light in my hotel.  My favorite scent is the Coconut Flower candle.  Its a perfect way to relax and make feel like I’m at home.  The compact trio was a discovery I came across in my girlfriends makeup bag.  Last but not least is the luminizer, bronzer and blush Sculpting Trio from Sephora.  It has perfect shades and the fact its all in one simple compact means it takes up less room in my makeup bag.