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Ive been reading about the benefits of using Vitamin C on your face everywhere lately.  It can help keep your skin smooth and youthful looking, as well as help lighten dark spots caused by the sun.  You guys already know about my love affair with coconut oil, so I was beyond excited to try out this DIY homemade facial scrub.  With only 2 ingredients, this mask is super easy to do.  First you’ll need Vitamin C crystals.  You can crush up vitamin C tablets but honestly its a pain in the butt and SOOOO much easier to buy it in crystal form.  You’ll want to mix about half a teaspoon of the crystals with an equal amount of the coconut oil.  Mix it together in a dish until the crystals are dispersed evenly, then apply to your face.  Use your fingers to GENTLY exfoliate for about a minute, then remove the scrub with a warm washcloth.  This scrub made my face SOOOOOOO smooth and gave it a fresh glow.  Sometimes I have a problem with scrubs being too harsh or drying my skin out, but using the  coconut oil actually made it feel more supple than it did before the treatment.   Im so obsessed with it that I even made a small batch to use in the shower as a body scrub.   I do want to mention that some people MAY be allergic to Vitamin C.  In that case, obviously don’t try this one out.  Ive been on a DIY homemade beauty product kick, so I’ll def be posting more of these as I find and try out new treatments.

Get the products to make your scrub here: