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Get Regal With Primal Print Decor



Animal-prints are a fashion favorite but they are one of those elements that can be hit or miss if you don’t use them the right way. The golden-rule of thumb is to treat animal-patterned furniture as a neutral color in order to strike the right balance! Whether it’s zebra, snake or leopard, these primal prints have a unique way of aligning both feminine and masculine energies in any room because they exude glamour and sensuality yet contain grounded and earthy elements. Looking best when combined with dark and bold colors, animal prints actually bring a busy room together and make the room feel more refined, intimate and cozy!

TIP: We love the print on chairs, rugs or wall paper! If you want to go for an extremely glamorous look; pair a few furniture pieces in a room with dark wooden floors, velvet, pops of color (like teal or yellow) and brass accents!  In addition, if you have a library or den area in your home, animal printed furniture really draws the eye and makes the room feel regal.


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I have a bit of an obsession with lucite tables and chairs lately.  Besides the fact that they obviously match ANY color palate you’re working with, they are so amazing for small spaces.  I love contrasting the clean sterile lines by putting working the pieces in with soft, cozy, lived in things.  The prices on this kind of furniture ranges all over the place.  I purchased a ghost chair off of amazon for about $200 and am so impressed with the quality, so it kind of just depends how much you want to spend, this look can be affordable with any budget.

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Anyone knows me knows that I love animal print anything.  There is a HUGE difference between the way I love animal prints and the way Snookie loves animal print.  When I incorporate any print into a room in my house, I keep it limited to one or two accent pieces.  You can go as big or small as you want as long as you stick to this rule.  If you decide on a rug, tie it in with a couple accent pillows.  And don’t make it matchy-matchy.  The more imperfect and irregular the print, the more authentic it looks.  This look can transform a room into a chic space, but it can EASILY go from looking chic to cheap if you go overboard.  You can create a super soft feminine vibe by incorporating soft, light colors.  I love the look of contrasting the animal print with bold jewel tones.

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