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The Romantic

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The Traditionalist

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The Minimalist

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The Maximalist

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Get Regal With Primal Print Decor



Animal-prints are a fashion favorite but they are one of those elements that can be hit or miss if you don’t use them the right way. The golden-rule of thumb is to treat animal-patterned furniture as a neutral color in order to strike the right balance! Whether it’s zebra, snake or leopard, these primal prints have a unique way of aligning both feminine and masculine energies in any room because they exude glamour and sensuality yet contain grounded and earthy elements. Looking best when combined with dark and bold colors, animal prints actually bring a busy room together and make the room feel more refined, intimate and cozy!

TIP: We love the print on chairs, rugs or wall paper! If you want to go for an extremely glamorous look; pair a few furniture pieces in a room with dark wooden floors, velvet, pops of color (like teal or yellow) and brass accents!  In addition, if you have a library or den area in your home, animal printed furniture really draws the eye and makes the room feel regal.


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Tara Fingold | Style at Home845361051930f92f89248948f0c74605193eb484d95627b50d80e242ed0ff3db3881c54d312c195c4668f374468a02c5b6b6063527c1446b4cf181fe44d8343e

Every Bombette needs a beauty spot. Whether it’s a little nook in your closet, a place in the bathroom, or at your desk, there’s nothing like a special place where you can comfortably sit and devote a few minutes to yourself. Read below for the EXACT things you need to create the perfect vanity.

  1. A gorgeous mirror– The best part about not buying a vanity with a built in mirror is that you can choose the mirror you want and make it look rustic, modern, glamorous or minimal. We’re loving these mirrors below! [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642280″]
  2. Natural Light– Natural light is crucial for ensuring your makeup is on point. Whenever possible, try to place your vanity near a window or at least in a bright room. This will help you with contouring and creating evenly winged eyes. If that is not an option, go for a lamp with a yellow-ish shade because it will offer the brightest light.  [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642651″]
  3. Perfume tray– There is something so elegant and feminine about a perfume tray! This decorative element neatly organizes all your perfumes in one place and gives the illusion of more space on your vanity. [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642851″]
  4. The right seating– We would all love a giant glamorous chair, however, it is best to use a stool because it forces you to sit up, engage your core and focus on the task at hand. We are totally obsessed with these chic and affordable stools from Target!   [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642690″]
  5. Ambiance– Nothing sets the mood better than beautiful candles and a little vase of flowers. Vanities should be your happy place where you can center yourself and feel confident so place 2-3 things on your vanity that bring you pleasure. Whether it’s your favorite candle, a small vase of flowers or a photo with your best friends. These are a few things we have on our vanity: [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2642616″]

The Hottest Home Decor Trend


Tree branches are a MUST HAVE in your home! They are one of the easiest and chicest ways to decorate! You can use them in centerpieces or in large floor vases to create a minimal yet romantic and elegant design. Super simple, extremely affordable and they make a HUGE statement in any room! Especially in March when Cherry Blossoms are known to bloom,  these beauties are truly the decor trend of the month!


Guilty For Guilt: THE 21 AND OVER HOME EDIT


There’s nothing like a chic bar cart conveniently located in your living room! One of our favorite home decor websites, Guilt , is equal parts fun and chic. The website is extremely organized and everything is beautiful, sleek, unique and most importantly reasonably priced! Ranging from books to bedding, wall art and candles–Guilt is your new number one source for decorating any room. Our latest find is the glassware from Glam Barware by Fitz&Floyd! It’s SO BOMBETTE and will definitely take any bar cart (and wine night) to the next level!


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Coffee Table Etiquette


Ahh the perfect coffee table. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this could not hold more truth for when it comes to designing your home. Coffee tables are a very personal thing and they are the first thing a guest will take notice to when seated in your living room so you want to make sure it a) represents your personality and b) is organized. Less is more. Follow these three guidelines to creating the perfect coffee table:

  1. The basic principle for a coffee table is the rule of threes. This means you should have at least three different items on your table. If your coffee table is larger, however, you can add more.
  2. The next thing are levels. Levels attract the eye and make a space visually interesting to look at. Play with how you stack books or place an object on top of them. A vintage magnifying glass, paper weight or candle looks great on top or next to stacked books.
  3. Once you’ve gotten your books down, the third item is an element of nature. This can be in the form of a small vase of flowers, a large orchid plant, a giant seashell, an arrangement of succulents, a candle, etc.

Coffee tables are a way to express, impress and spark conversation with guests. Have fun with it.


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Everything You’ll Need for a Stylish Thanksgiving Table

Untitled (1)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and a beautiful presentation gives everything a little extra flavor. This year we are all about bold and rich hues, incorporating just the right amount of gold to make it an elegantly dark and intimate affair. I recommend matching flatware with glassware, placemats with napkins and leaving the plates to stand on their own.

Here is a quick and easy breakdown of how to get this elegant aesthetic:

  • Gold Flatware
  • Gold Rimmed Glassware
  • Black Placemats
  • Black Linen Napkins
  • White Embossed Dinnerware



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cc123075002286212194_OefyX5v3_c Gold-Accents-for-Office-Desk
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Gold accents are such a great way to make a room look chic and pretty.  From tiny little shelf details, to soft silk gold pillows, pops of gold add a sophisticated feminine touch to any space.


This week’s sale roundup is all about the home decor. It’s the accessories that can make or break an outfit, and the same can be said for the accessories in your home.
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