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Sweet Kisses


Because your kisses should always leave a mark! These candy inspired lip colors are a MUST HAVE this summer, especially since the season is halfway over – it’s seriously time to flaunt bright colors while we still can! Basic pinks and reds are nice, but no one wants to be basic! Try these deliciously mouth-watering candy colors that can be worn day or night!


BUBBLE GUM PINK – Bright neon pink lipstick is key this summer and looks super fresh and girly. It’s should be matte, especially because it’s hot out – wearing anything sticky is just a big “no” in August. We LOVE Mac’s “Candy Yum Yum”! As you can see from above, Rihanna wears it well and it looks amazing on anyone with a summer tan! Shop our favorite pinks below!

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COTTON CANDY BLUE – Think outside the beauty box! If the blue lip color that was seen in Gucci’s Summer 2017 show was any indication, blue lipstick is definitely the next big trend in beauty. For lighter skin colors go for a lighter to raspberry blue shade like the ones below and for darker complexions, sapphire blue looks AMAZING!

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RED SPRINKLES – As women, we love our traditional red lipsticks, and we’ve narrowed down the top shades that are best for this summer! We are loving Chanels “Rouge Rebel”, it’s as if Essie’s “Big Apple Red” nail polish became a lipstick! You definitely need this one if you don’t already have it in your make-up bag!

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GUMMY BEAR ORANGE – Orange lipstick is a lot like orange gummy bears. It’s there, and you know it’s there, but you sift through all the other colors first and take the orange ones or simply leave them out. We wish this wasn’t the case for orange lipstick as well, but once you put it on you will be surprised by how lovely it looks on anyone! Orange is an awesome color on the lips because it is still in line with the basic pinks and reds that we wear but has more depth. It’s unique and powerful, regal and feminine. There are so many different shades and you can decide whether you want to lean more toward the pink/red side or the yellow side. Coral, apricot, reddish orange, blue orange, you name it! And if a bolder orange is too intimidating for you, try a lip stain! Benefit makes an AMAZING lip stain that we use almost DAILY!

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  1. Exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush, gently working in a circular motion to brush off any dead or uneven skin. Don’t go too hard.
  2. Add moisture. I always like to do this step throughout the day and apply a tiny bit of vaseline, but you can put any kind of lip serum on that will hydrate your lips.
  3. Apply the rest of your makeup and then your lipstick.
  4. Blot lips on a piece of toilet paper. This is important, or else you will get it on your teeth and no one wants that.


5c296ae7ae14881500207e5c9399986f 85f5a2952975a363e4dd6f37ebeb393c 864808d5520d48a749b6df0273b66519 ab78dd786ec4979f0a69620176106374 af0ad29d6aab6dbe1f5a19686daeb5a5 b18f3ef5b925dfe25ff26c32bde0c6b8 bea817e966468f05e1ba4e16029cc4cd c1c9654f5032432aa7fd089888071582From true nudes to blushing nudes, a barely there flush of natural color is universally flattering on everyone.  Matte nudes are the season’s must have look for your pout, but we’re also loving the satin and luminous shades from Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.08.47 AMAnyone that’s as makeup obsessed as we are knows that just the packaging of a product is sometimes enough to make you want to try it.  That was the case with the Winky Lux Lip Velour.   After visiting their NYC headquarters we fell in love with the line.  The pill inspired case is totally reminiscent of something Damien Hirst would appreciate. This ultra-long wearing matte lipstick comes in 14 colors, our favs being Meow a great 90’s brown nude thats great for Fall. and Poppy because it would work on any skin tone. City is great for winter color. Scandal is definitely tricky to wear but we’re a little obsessed.  Click here to shop Winky Lux products.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 5.16.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 5.16.58 PM



3d2b9dc9ac16d8e2d124090f40fac350 11fb92f5fddd3e0ec1ee88952a334d1a 48c632302ba611813ad6abefe61a4706 a51ffa72da140417a544a3eb34be8ce7 efd03407f05d468b2e491df05e8586f5Plum lips are synonymous with Fall.  The trick with pulling of this dramatic lip is to keep the eyes to a minimum.  Your lids should be bare other than some lashes and a bit of liner.  Line your lips with a matching liner to really help the color stay.  We like to do that sexy little trick where you put your finger in your mouth, close your lips and pull it out, to prevent the lipstick from getting on your pearly whites (so embarrassing).

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_10903328Matte Revlution Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick is designed to create the illusion of fuller, wider lips that look lit from within”.  Sounds pretty amazing right?  We tried it, and we LOVE it.   It’s long lasting and hydrating, and these colors are just perfect for fall.


cCharlotte Tilbury tips for application:

  •  For precision application, apply using a square-tipped lip brush.
  • For added intensity, fill in lips with a liner before applying the lipstick.
  • For a fuller, wider, lit-from-within look, apply straight from the bullet.
  • Target concealer application around the pout and on the cupid’s bow to frame and highlight the lips for a more intense illusion of fullness.



image824d2b26a14360f3d08bf4bdfeda44f0c 605a8941f4ec15a3e012b6ba93f2eade b28dcd2900c3f55f33550ddcf5836bd1 ca2289cfb345b94a51c24322edeeb2cc d0a69ddf7d0c3b5832b8697b910dc0e7 e6a2db77bf9a51d19333347360fe0a99 f6a8e043a177ef27acda0a01b6209ffc facf685df02f83e00dffdce3c6870a9c fb45b94536c2f22468fee03898608c3c fcfbf1a57ef11ec28f106be5ac3e7efa

Pretty pink lips from soft baby pink to bright electric are so Bombette! If your going for a really bright pigmented color keep the eyes soft, but definitely play up the eyes if you’re wearing a light baby pink. Check out some of our favorites below!
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red-quotes 9a3571addc14c475fc0bc6da0a7c09f45935095b5aa54e6b4e244611efeb7e6dRed lips are timeless, sexy, and chic.  In honor of Valentines Day we picked our favorite shades of kissable crimson.  Click the items to shop!



Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung and DKNY are among those showing orange lips for spring.

Orange is a statement color and wearing on your lips is a fun, easy way to play with your look. When you wear it, the rest of your makeup should be understated and barely there. If you want to wear really bright orange lipstick, go easy everywhere else. That way your lips can take all the focus.

Shop my favorite orange lip colors here:


Image: Prabal Gurung, Creatures of the Wind, and Rag & Bone (Photos: Imaxtree)