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The most amazing thing about being a woman is that we can bounce back from almost anything, and so can our hair! Summer activities like going to the beach and swimming in a chlorine-filled pool can cause our hair to dry out and become brittle so it’s important to pay a little extra attention to your hair to ensure those locks are  gorgeous all summer long!

  1. Never brush your hair when its wet. When our hair is wet, the follicles are weakened and are more prone to breaking.
  2. Never apply heat to your hair when wet. When heat is applied to wet hair, it completely withdraws the moisture from your hair. Instead, wait for your hair to dry or use the cool setting on the hair dryer and then use the hot setting. 
  3. Always apply a heat protective spray. This adds moisture to your hair, preventing the natural moisture from evaporating and enabling your hair to keep its natural shine. These are our absolute favorites below: 

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Lastly, the ultimate healthy hair tip is to use a hair balm in the shower!

When you blow dry, flat iron or chemically treat your hair, you end up with wick, rough hair with split ends. Heat completely ruins the body of your hair and you won’t get that same shine which is why you MUST use a hair balm! Hair balms coat each strand of hair and seal in the moisture making each follicle smoother than ever. This truly makes our hair look beautiful and brings back our hair after years of styling! The balm is to be applied while your hair is still warm after you have shampooed and conditioned.  If you have fine hair apply the product mid-way down, if you have thicker hair you can apply at the root. Massage it in for about 5 minutes and then rinse. By applying this when your hair is warm from the shower, your hair follicles are more absorbent of the product, allowing it to work it’s magic from the inside out. The product we use is L’Oreal’s Total Repair 5 System and it does absolute wonders! You can now officially say “goodbye” to dry dull hair and hello to healthy silky soft locks! 

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 We take our beauty products very seriously so when it comes to going on vacation, it can be hard deciding which ones to pack without packing it all! It’s hard enough figuring out how many shoe options we can fit into our carry on, so we have created a simple list of the absolute most essential products you need to survive any summer getaway!

  1. Benefit Lip and Cheek Stain- This stuff is amazing! It works as both a lip, cheek and eye stain!
  2. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection- Not only does this product smell incredible, this sunscreen leaves your skin feeling flawless! It’s for combination to slightly dry skin.
  3. Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish- Exfoliating your skin is crucial for a perfect tan, and we LOVE this gentle exfoliate that moisturizes your skin as well!
  4. Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil- We are always making sure our hair is as healthy as possible and this oil is great if you have dry ends!
  5. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer- This is our most loved light foundation. It is not heavy at all, leaves your skin feeling moisturized yet not too oily and most importantly it creates a beautiful and natural glow! Definitely a Bombette beauty favorite!

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Fashion Alert: Tassels and Pom-Poms

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When one thinks of “tassels” they usually associate them with their grandmothers curtains, however, these dangling embellishments have a powerful and prestigious connotation because they were first associated with being worn by royalty, aristocrats, clergy and intellectual superiors of the western world. Pom-poms have a similar history and designers like Chanel, Balmain, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and more have added both of these eye-catching decorations to their fall fashion lines in previous years. But we are calling it now that the tassel and pom-pom are the ultimate accessory to add to your summer wardrobe! they are such a fun and flirty accessory we just have to have them for summer! Whether you’re at the beach or at an elegant dinner party, tassels are fun, flirty, elegant and make you feel statuesque. The best thing about them is that they look great on anything: dresses, jackets, sandals, handbags or jewelry. These are some of our favorites below:

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photo.aspxA bikini may only be a few tiny pieces of fabric, but chances are you spent a pretty penny on it.   Properly caring for you bikini can extend the life of it extensively, and help you get your money’s worth out of your splurge.  The most common stains we notice are from sunscreen and sunless tanner.  Both will discolor the fabric if not treated properly, so we’ll break down how to get rid of each!

Your swimsuit should be rinsed in cool, tap water after each time you wear it whether for swimming or sunbathing.

9191994b3843f2af8b76c237438b2539SUNSCREEN STAIN

  • pretreat the stain with a heavy duty liquid detergent or make a paste with powder detergent/water
  • apply the detergent and let this set on fabric at least 30 minutes or overnight.
  • Then launder as usual.
  • Check clothing before drying.
  • If stain remains, repeat.
  • If stain is still present, launder with a commercial rust remover. Commercial rust removers are for use only on white or colorfast fabrics.

00ac14868f5abc16f61b8ac3417a9832SUNLESS TANNING AND BRONZING STAINS

Self tanning formulas are a combination stain of dye and oil.Start by removing the oily portion and then the dye stain. Take your time and most will come out with some effort.

  • First flush any stains as quickly as possible with cold water.
  • Hold the stain (wrong side) under a running stream of cold water. This will force the self-tanner out of the fabric instead of pushing it deeper into the fabric by rubbing.
  • Mix a solution of dish detergent (this will help remove the oily component) and warm water and sponge the stain
  • WorK from the outside of the stain to the inside.
  • Gently rub the soapy solution into the stain.
  • Rinse.

d0fe6df53d2a887587efdb6cbd685c34Completely submerge the garment and allow it to soak for at least eight hours. Check the stain. If it is gone, wash as usual. If it remains, mix a fresh solution and repeat. It may take several soakings to remove the stain but it should come out.  Do not place the garment in a dryer or hang in the sun until all stains are removed. High heat can permanently set the stains.


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Think crisp cool whites, and soft shades of browns for the neutral palette we’re loving for summer.  Warm blush tones mixed with silver, gold, and brass hardware are to die for.   These neutrals create such a sophisticated resort wear look without trying too hard.  [show_lookbook_widget id=”225097″]


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You can never have enough pairs of sunglasses.  Especially when they’re as Bombette as these!  We’re especially loving mirrored lenses, and frames that pop with color!


2f1be69b86c529a6e9e77c0a2b667b69 4f3829894cc070df7d1e0f32f5d0490c 88cea3a9ef5c09aa29d79ac2dc33cc62 114f3431017568422225c3f1733fe9d6 690e86b33bde39b8ea1260cf7a597cd5 50937278bfa34fa790854db78e8871ab a4e9b7ad94b7f235aba8efd26d98af23 c8ed457d80e8f1abd5b96ae743823356 dfdd21f8a16b144556af8f8e2d1d648d e745ecd2c57d6c9845baf8d306f11d45Palazzo pants are amazing not only because they’re so incredibly comfortable and effortless, but they’re super chic and versatile.  Wear them with a high heel  to make your legs look a mile long or with an embellished sandal for a casual glam look.  We’re loving the bold prints and soft solids.  We’ve found amazing pairs for prices as low as $16 so scroll through and check out our perfect palazzo picks!

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Nothing says “spa day” like cool cucumber slices placed over your eyes.  Cucumbers are a staple in the beauty world because they contain mega antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin K that help fight dark circles and puffiness.  The benefits don’t stop there.  Antothenic acid, or vitamin B-5 is another compound found in cucumbers that helps your skin retain moisture. The vitamin A in cucumbers helps control your skin’s production of melanin so it lightens freckles and dark spots.  Don’t say we never taught you anything!  Check out some of our favorite cucumber beauty products below!
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Bikini cover-ups in light, flowy, gauzy fabrics are the look to have this summer.  Printed drawstring jumpers and knit shorts are playful yet sexy.  We’re especially loving the crochet details that let your bikini peek thru and show a little skin!  These cover-ups are SO Bombette.

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