A Place You’ve Never Been


We’re taking you to a place you’ve never been before – Mustique. This island, located in the West Indies, was originally used in the 17th century by pirates to hide their ships and treasure and then in the 18th century it became a place where Europeans grew sugar cane. Today, the island is now privately owned and it’s residences and guests include: Princess Margarete, Mick Jagger, Tommy Hilfiger, as well as a vacation spot for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.



Hope and Robert celebrated their birthdays together at Tommy Hilfiger’s home called “Palm Villa”, and flew their families out to continue the celebration throughout the Thanksgiving weekend.


Tommy’s chic villa is SO BOMBETTE! It used to be an old beach cottage but was transformed into a 10 bedroom home with 4 one bedroom guest homes made out of coral stone to withstand beachy weather conditions.  Tommy’s home was inspired by the blue prints of Oliver Messel, a famous English set designer who built a number of important properties, including a home for Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon in the 60’s.  Ranging from palm grove gardens with blue-stone walkways, a pool that meets the sand and a library with all the first edition James Bond books–there was no better place for Hope and Robert’s family to spend Thanksgiving.


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