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Father’s Day is NEXT Sunday  and we’ve put together a list of the coolest gift ideas to get for your old pops.

  • The Zen Awakening Massage Chair is a great gift idea because you can selfishly use it too!
  • For the dad that loves golf, the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer is perfect .
  • Skin care is probably the last thing on any dad’s to-do list, but he’ll thank you for getting him Kiehl’s line for men when he see’s how great his skin starts to look.
  • Tom Ford sunglasses are fashionable enough for dads that like to look sharp.
  • We can’t stand the smell of smoke, but if Dad is going to indulge in a cigar, then he might as well have a dope looking cigar ash-tray.
  • A gunmetal Burberry wristwatch will look amazing on any dad’s arm.
  • Portable / wireless speakers will absolutely be loved by any dad, AND used a ton.  He can take it anywhere from the office to the fishing boat.
  • For dads that like toys, this UNBREAKABLE helicopter is a great gift idea.
  • I bought these Calvin Klein Lounge Pants for an ex-boyfriend once and I stole them for myself they’re so comfortable!
  • For the dad with a bad sense of direction, the Personal GPS homing device will keep him from bruising his pride by having to asking which way is north.

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